Competition and sector Benchmark

Our unique database for your competitive analysis

Our Benchmark gives you access to key metrics and statistical results from CX studies conducted by our institute.

Our unique database, compiled by our customer experience and satisfaction experts, provides your company with an unparalleled panel of 800,000 customer experiences. This CX library is a valuable source of information for your competitive analysis.

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Put your CX studies
in perspective


Complementary to your CX studies, the competition and sector Benchmark allows you to manage your customer experience and satisfaction by taking into account the environment of your company and the practices of its market.

If your customer experience is based on its own standards, certain criteria such as the reception and the reactivity of your sales teams must meet the increased requirements of the customers in your sector.

The use of the Benchmark allows you to follow the evolution of CX practices on a large scale and to infuse your employees with a CX culture that is a prerequisite for any commercial performance.

Position yourself and establish action plans targeted to your needs


The Benchmark offers you an efficient and precise way to orientate your action plans in order to choose in a relevant and conscious way the strategic orientations of your company.

It allows you to take perspective on your results by comparing them to the data of your network, your industry or all the sectors in which our research institute operates.


Our extensive library of customer experiences can be used to conduct a true industry benchmark for your company, thanks to its many strengths, including:

        • Identification of your strengths and above-market performance
        • Assimilation of your company’s competitive CX advantages
        • Highlighting the CX friction points in your network
        • Clearly distinguish the priorities for action in order to intervene quickly and restore customer satisfaction in the long term

By giving you access to the high averages and the most virtuous results of the leaders in terms of reception and service quality, the Benchmark encourages emulation of your employees and inspires your points of sale. Put in perspective with the possibilities offered to you to progress and distinguish yourself from your competitors, your action plans gain in efficiency.

Our support as a customer
experience expert

Thanks to an exhaustive knowledge of the data in your industry, and other sectors of interest, PRESENCE helps you make decisions and offers you a broader perspective of the field of possibilities in terms of customer experience. Our CX experts provide daily support to your head office teams, who benefit from personalized advice on how to use and put into perspective the data generated by your competitive analysis.

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