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Our CX research institute federates a community of satisfaction pollsters, mystery shoppers and auditors throughout France and abroad.

Our pollsters provide our clients with their sense of service and their sector expertise, accompanying all types of companies in their CX studies.

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The job of an investigator requires a keen sense of detail, a spirit of synthesis and a sharpened service culture. Profile, knowledge and sector sensitivity are therefore at the heart of our recruitment process as well as each assignment.

PRESENCE is founded on the values of excellence. Our institute believes in the continuous improvement of all talents: those of our clients’ teams as well as those of our employees and interviewers. Becoming an investigator with us means gaining access to recognized certification and ongoing training throughout your career.


Good reasons to become a pollster (satisfaction, mystery shopper or auditor) :

        • Put one’s qualities at the service of brands and companies established in fascinating sectors
        • Make new experiences and discover unique places
        • Make your voice as a consumer heard

Training and personalized follow-up for each pollster

Our pollsters (mystery, satisfaction or auditors) benefit from personalized training and follow-up: support tailored to their profile and to the requirements of each mission. Our field managers accompany each pollster from their visit to the evaluation of their customer experience.

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