Audit eXperience

The operational audit as a diagnostic and evaluation barometer of
your sales network

Our institute specializing in customer experience can perform operational audits in your points of sale in order to evaluate the main vector of your customer experience: your sales network.


Qualified auditors for your point of sale audits


We put at the service of your company our renowned network of more than 350 professional auditors, carefully selected for their competence and located throughout France. Our auditors are also chosen for their benevolence towards your teams and for their ability to lead, valuable skills during debriefings with your sales outlet managers.

Our auditors are accompanied on a daily basis by our team of managers and are regularly trained in operational audits. They are dispatched locally to your points of sale in order to establish an operational audit based on precise standards and a meticulous diagnosis.

Audit eXperience: evaluate the operational compliance of your points of sale


The audit carried out concerns the visible part of the point of sale visited by your customers, but also the spaces invisible to your customers and reserved for your employees (back-office, stocks, break rooms…).


AFNOR Certification
Measure hygiene and safety
in your network


Today, health and safety rules are essential. Beyond the protection of your operational teams and your customers, audits contribute to the reassurance of your customers and their overall satisfaction.

Our institute can carry out a specific audit in order to evaluate the respect of these sanitary measures and protection rules in your points of sale.


This audit is meticulously carried out according to a complete reference system developed in partnership with AFNOR Certification. It includes :

        • A detailed evaluation of your sales areas and the spaces reserved for your employees
        • An immediate debriefing of your teams for the immediate implementation of high impact corrective actions
        • The delivery of the Safety and Hygiene label developed by AFNOR Certification (valid for one year)

The audit established with AFNOR Certification is a pledge of confidence proving that the health and safety of your employees and customers is your priority. This compliance audit allows you to reassure your customers and your teams and is essential for the reputation of your company as well as for your employer brand.

Be supported and act quickly
with the Audit eXperience

Our operational audits allow us to carry out an inventory of current procedures in your points of sale in order to diagnose the relevance of these operations, but also their homogeneity with regard to your processes and the operational charter of your brand. In case of non-conformity to your standards, an audit will allow you to act without further delay to restore the procedures that will ensure the satisfaction and safety of your teams and your customers.

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