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Customer experience (CX) trends in the automotive sector

Focus on the acceleration of change and competition


  • As digital technology has definitely made its entry into the automotive industry, the experience at points of sale and physical contact points must be not only irreproachable, but also memorable to convey emotions. For the automotive sector, the human relationship remains inseparable from customer satisfaction.
  • The automotive industry is a sector where customer loyalty to the brand of choice is among the strongest. The expectations in terms of customer experience do not only concern first-time buyers, but also a clientele historically close to the brand, whose demands are growing. More than ever, adopting a customer-centric culture that anticipates the slightest customer demand is essential for your brand image and the growth of your network.

Drive satisfaction and CX performance in your brand

Car manufacturers, distributors – dealerships or equipment manufacturers: PRESENCE has been supporting players in the sector for many years. Our institute puts its CX expertise at the service of your brand to improve your customer journey, customer satisfaction and thus stay ahead of your market’s expectations.


At a time when customer reviews posted online guide the customer journey, our Review Benchmark solution is more necessary than ever. Gathering and analyzing customer feedback to control your e-reputation is now at the heart of the strategy of the automotive industry’s leading players.

In addition to measuring your e-reputation, we also conduct customer satisfaction surveys with our Customer Feedback solution. Our teams evaluate and analyze customer satisfaction across your omnichannel customer journey for each touchpoint.

Once your CX profile has been established, a sector Benchmark can be added, which is a very valuable tool for an industry as competitive as the automotive sector.

The collection of CX data, its quantitative analysis and the qualitative studies carried out provide you with valuable information. Our recommendations for action plans and our intuitive tools such as the Dynamic Report, a scalable and customizable platform that brings together KPIs and the results of your studies, make this data easy to read and use for all your employees.

Our solutions

Case study of a major player
in the automotive industry


A major car manufacturer entrusts us with a program of open audits on several thousand dealerships in Europe, in order to identify the gaps in relation to internal processes and customer expectations. The objective is to optimize the efficiency of the network and improve the customer experience.

Our auditors also support the on-site teams in defining concrete action plans and the results are presented at the end of the day to the dealership manager.


To ensure the quality and relevance of the intervention, as well as the professionalism of our teams in the field, each director receives an evaluation questionnaire to fill out online.

Unanimously praised, our program has received an average score of 9.8/10 with very positive feedback from the network.