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Customer experience (CX) trends in the banking & assurance industry

Both the banking and insurance industries are facing a profound transformation and are accelerating their modernization. The expectations and volatility of customers and insureds are increasing considerably in a context of digitalization and the opening of the market to international players.

While bank branches and insurance companies retain their appeal to their historical clientele, younger people (millennials and generation Z) now pay attention to other criteria when choosing their banks and insurance policies. The development of neo-banks, dematerialized bank branches with fast functionalities and ultra-simplified services, is pushing traditional players to review their operations and communication in depth.


Banking and insurance, sectors in full mutation

  • Simplicity, agility and speed are the watchwords. Talking with your advisor via a virtual chat, paying with your cell phone or sending and receiving money instantly are now essential services. The digitization of services and eco-responsibility have led to the virtual disappearance of bank statements, insurance contracts and statements of facts in favor of digitalized documents consulted on the Internet and mobile applications.
  • In addition to these profound changes, there is the need to secure more and more banking data and information. Data linked to users, but also to everyday objects that have become means of payment and mobile safes like our smartphones. Reinforced authentication, use of easy recognition and biometrics are now key concerns for the banking and insurance industry. Blockchain technology and digital native players have definitely changed the codes of the sector.
  • If its digitalization is at work, the market cannot forget the importance of proximity and the establishment of a relationship of trust for the customer experience. In-branch appointments are becoming rarer and more essential to ensure policyholder and customer satisfaction. Personalized services, agility, ethics and respect for privacy remain the real distinguishing factors.

PRESENCE: the assurance of a customer-centric expertise

PRESENCE offers banks and insurance companies a 360° CX expertise reinforced by a vast panel
of customized and complementary studies
and complementary studies to monitor and correct the actions
in place within your national and regional network.


By putting quantitative and qualitative data into perspective, an omnichannel Customer Feedback solution will allow you to obtain valuable KPIs for all your contact points.

We also offer banks and insurance companies the opportunity to conduct targeted studies for their main customer profiles. Individuals or professionals, private banking customers, students or farmers: sharpen your customer knowledge to better satisfy them. In addition to these prospective studies, you can conduct a competitive Benchmark on your market.

Satisfying your customers and policyholders means increasing the attention and motivation of your teams. Uniting your managers and advisors around the upcoming changes and the strategy adopted by your company is essential to establish a culture of excellence. Thanks to our Team Feedback solution, we measure your employees’ satisfaction, their adherence to your internal policy and their commitment.

Our solutions

Case study: a major player in the banking sector


Launched about ten years ago, satisfaction surveys on all targets are complementary to other studies and allow :

  • To question the targets on all the products and services offered with adapted channels (e-mail for individuals, telephone for professionals and farmers)
  • To have a complete feedback from the customer on all his targets
  • To have a large volume of data to give back to the Agency, the Groups and the Business Centers



  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each entity
  • Use customer feedback, analyze and categorize it to define action plans
  • Drawing up a picture for the Caisse and the Groups of the disparities within the territory, in order to identify where action is needed