Review Benchmark

Customer online reviews and e-reputation to enhance your customer experience

The importance of customer reviews in
your omnichannel journey

In a context of omnichannel development, the number of points of contact between your customers and your teams is increasing. All of these exchanges contribute to the construction of your customers’ satisfaction and they share their experience on the Internet where customer reviews are widely distributed.

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Control your e-reputation
and your customer experience


Your customers are your best ambassadors, word of mouth is going digital and your e-reputation can make your company successful as well as have a negative impact on your popularity and performance.

PRESENCE gives you the keys to measuring your digital brand image in order to know and control the e-reputation of your network.

The Review Benchmark is a concrete action tool to give you control over your customer experience, protect your e-reputation and improve your customer experience.

Review Benchmark: online reviews to serve your customer experience

The Review Benchmark solution is all PRESENCE’s know-how, combined with the possibilities offered by digital technology, to understand and perfect your customer experience.

Collecting and analyzing customer opinions on the Internet contributes to the identification of your digital customer journey, but also to the understanding of your physical customer experience, and therefore to the overall analysis of your customer experience and satisfaction.

1/ Collecting feedback
2/ Analyzing feedback
3/ Monitoring responses
4/ Benchmarking

We have 360° tools to collect and analyze feedback from your customers, regardless of their point of contact with your brand.

Our support as a customer
experience expert

Our agency specialized in customer experience (CX) follows the evolutions of your sector by offering you a wide range of innovative measurement solutions and benchmarks.

Our teams provide you with valuable recommendations in order to develop action plans. Associated with these action plans, the Review Benchmark contributes to the training and motivation of your teams by animating your network.

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