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Customer experience (CX) trends in the fashion and luxury industries


The evolution of the luxury
& fashion
sector redefines
customer experience


  • Luxury boutiques and fashion brands are becoming experiential destinations where the status of the salesperson is evolving in an unprecedented way. To satisfy this demanding clientele, it is now a matter of imagining and sharing memorable moments in welcoming places capable of inspiring your customers. New omnichannel customer journeys and renewed expectations of luxury consumers require dedicated expertise characterized by a customer-centric vision.
  • Our institute benefits from a 360° understanding of the multiple facets of luxury today and tomorrow; because the luxury clientele is rapidly changing. Men and women have different expectations; differences to which are now added the expectations of new generations of luxury customers. Gen Z, Millenials, Generation X… PRESENCE is working with you to meet the challenge of the transgenerational customer experience.
  • Driven by heightened socio-environmental considerations, the second-hand luxury market is also booming.

The luxury & fashion customer experience
requires a dedicated expertise

Like you, we believe in a personalized approach that puts the human experience at the heart of every action. Our dedicated team, specialized in the luxury and fashion sectors, is constantly monitoring these changes, as well as the renewal of customer paths and expectations. Our luxury expertise, combined with our philosophy, ensures that you benefit from personalized attention and customized advice aligned with the uniqueness of your market to meet your CX requirements.

Our detailed understanding of the specificities of the luxury and fashion customer experience is based on our local roots combined with an international presence. In France as well as abroad, a luxury brand must offer a harmonious customer experience, in line with the brand’s standards, but also with the local socio-cultural particularities. Aware of the specificities of the market, PRESENCE supports you throughout the world to measure your customer satisfaction and to deploy your luxury mystery shopping studies in order to understand and exceed the expectations of your local and tourist clientele.


Innovative solutions for a premium customer experience

Our marketing studies allow you to take an interest in each component of your customer journey to give you a precise understanding of your customer experience in order to remove possible blockages and to disseminate best practices in favor of a memorable luxury customer experience that generates emotions.

Co-construction of your tools, deployment of your CX studies, support for changes in mentality, communication of the results, but also development and follow-up of action plans are all areas of action for our expert luxury and fashion team. PRESENCE will work with you to build a virtuous CX ecosystem that will build customer loyalty and recruit and convert prospects.

Conducted within your network as well as with your competitors during a Benchmark, our studies allow you to map your customer journey and its areas of improvement with precision.

Our Solutions

Case study: a major player in
the luxury industry


A luxury brand in the midst of a transformation entrusted us with the redesign of its Mystery Shopping program. The existing approach was outdated and focused on the mainly transactional elements of the customer experience.

From the beginning of our collaboration, we established a climate of sharing, allowing our client’s teams to freely entrust us with their vision of the customer experience. We also immersed ourselves in both the brand’s DNA and the content of the newly introduced training courses.


Thus we proposed a mystery shopping program more focused on the experiential and emotional, and as we worked in co-construction, its implementation was done smoothly, winning the support of the operational teams.

The results were as good as it was meant to be. From the second measurement, we noted a nice progression of items related to loyalty and cross-selling, which was corroborated by our client’s sales KPIs.