Action Plan

GENIUS: a tool to support your
your customer experience strategy


An interface to
guide you
in setting up 
targeted actions


As the preferred interface for your management teams and your field staff, GENIUS is the only solution capable of setting up action plans to which your field teams will commit and which will allow you to monitor their progression.

This solution allows you to set up targeted action plans, either globally or locally, and to measure their impact at any time!

Establish a cycle of continuous improvement in your customer experience


GENIUS provides all your employees with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that establishes a common CX language to enhance communication between your strategic division and your sales force.

Best practices and your actions to improve your customer experience are disseminated and easily identifiable by all your employees.

The GENIUS interface thus becomes a real integration lever within your company and allows everyone to take part in your customer experience strategy!


The GENIUS participative solution gives meaning to the actions of your employees in a constant manner in order to:

        • Help your teams define their strengths and areas for improvement.
        • Get them to commit to specific, measurable and verifiable objectives.
        • Build an action plan based on identified best practices.
        • Validate and monitor the actions implemented day after day.
        • Highlight the positive impact of their personal actions on the commercial performance of their point of sale and the network.


The GENIUS solution allows you to initiate a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement of your sales and CX performance through the recognition of best practices and the promotion of management by objectives.