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Discover mystery shopping in all its forms through the Mystery eXperience

The Mystery eXperience is a precise and objective evaluation method developed by PRESENCE to assess the quality of the services actually provided by your teams. Its objective is to observe and verify the quality and conformity to your brand standards of the services delivered to your brand’s customers by your teams, regardless of the sales channel and the point of contact chosen.

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Provide a unique
customer experience

The Mystery eXperience is conducted by a carefully selected mystery shopper who assumes the role of your customer in order to complete an evaluation grid adapted to your brand and its sector.

The evaluation grid filled out by the mystery shopper gathers various neutral and impartial criteria aimed at establishing an inventory of your network’s reception, services and sales procedures.


Aware of the distinctiveness of your store and the uniqueness of your customer experience, our teams work with you to design an evaluation grid covering each stage of your customer journey. This questionnaire allows us to evaluate the essential practices of your business sector as well as the rituals developed exclusively by your brand.

Mystery shopping at every stage of your omnichannel customer journey

As the customer journey is now omnichannel, our agency specializing in customer experience (CX) allows you to measure and analyze the quality of the customer experience throughout your physical or digital network.

Mystery Calls
Mystery Leads
Mystery Visits
Mystery Orders

Our mystery shoppers make calls to your customer service or point of sale. Waiting time or tone of voice are among the criteria used to evaluate this crucial intangible experience.


Your customer experience translated into concrete and objective indicators


The Mystery eXperience solution allows your company to set up a barometer of its customer experience by translating it into concrete indicators. The KPIs and reports obtained constitute objective data on the performance of your network and your employees.

Our teams analyze and share with you the individual results of your network as well as the overall assessment of your customer experience. This detailed analysis is enriched with precise recommendations based on the expertise developed by PRESENCE over the course of 50 years dedicated to customer experience.

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Mystery shopping can also be conducted to:

      • Evaluate the performance and results of your main competitors
      • Benchmark best practices in your industry
      • Identify the areas of differentiation that will make your brand absolutely unique


Our support as a customer
experience expert

Mystery shopping is a great tool for managing, motivating and motivating your teams! Benefit from an objective and transparent view of the quality of your services to define your incentive policy and conduct effective training targeted at the real needs of your teams. PRESENCE helps you identify your strengths and areas for improvement and supports you in the establishment of concrete action plans.

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