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The Dynamic Report: your unique & scalable CX platform

To gather and make available to your employees the results of your studies, PRESENCE has developed a unique turnkey tool, a real CX platform for your customer experience: the Dynamic Report.

This tool is a scalable platform that provides you with complete access to your customers’ online opinions, to the measurement of your customer and employee satisfaction as well as to the results of your mystery customer experiences and your operational audits.


A customer experience tool
co-constructed and personalized


Your platform is custom designed in collaboration with your internal teams for a Dynamic Report adapted to your needs and based on the indicators necessary for the management of your activity.

Our institute expert in customer experience, has an IT team entirely dedicated to the development and support of the platform. This technical expertise, combined with our 360° vision, allows us to offer you a scalable platform that can be enriched as your customer journey evolves.

Multilingual, adopting your color codes and your brand identity, this interface integrates intuitively into the daily life of your teams.

4 tools in 1
Drive your customer experience
under a single interface


The Dynamic Report is first of all a visual tool facilitating a quick reading of your KPIs. All of them are immediately accessible thanks to this platform that centralizes the management of your customer experience in a single interface.

You have access to the evolution of your results, can compare periods or quickly visualize recurring alerts. From global results to the individual performance of your points of sale, the Dynamic Report concentrates every single data related to your customer experience.

A transversal vision of
customer experience

The multiplication of customer interactions often leads to a multiplication of indicators, whereas the key to success is to analyze the customer journey at 360°. Thanks to the Dynamic Report, you have access to all the indicators measured and can thus manage your customer experience from a single interface. Very complete and personalized, the Dynamic Report is the platform that will offer a transverse vision of your customer experience!

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