Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback: a valuable measure of your customer experience

Conducting a customer satisfaction survey is essential to assess the customer experience delivered by your brand.


Improve your omnichannel customer journey


In a context of increased digitalization, Customer Feedback is no longer limited to the customer experience at the point of sale.

Customer Feedback allows you to understand and improve your customer experience at each step of your customer journey and for all your distribution channels.

Our institute will help you to set up surveys concerning your retail customer satisfaction but also your omnichannel customer experience.

Customer Feedback Management:
Measure the satisfaction of your
your customers on the spot


Our Customer Feedback Management is the key to your continuous improvement process: you quickly detect your customers’ dissatisfaction and immediately correct the dysfunctions to improve the customer experience.

Implementing a customer feedback process is the only way to ensure that your customers are listened to at each step of their customer journey. The feedback management system implemented focuses on a key point of the customer journey or a moment of truth. You can measure the quality of your customers’ experience on the whole customer journey but also on specific events.


The Feedback Management system deployed will have real benefits:

      • Drive customer experience performance by measuring in real time the quality of each key experience delivered to your customers
      • Detect customer dissatisfaction and address it quickly
      • Share customer feedback with managers and teams
      • Implement continuous improvement plans and track customer satisfaction

What did your customers think of their shopping experience? Did they get the attention they were looking for when they called your customer service? Was the process in place for their e-commerce order smooth?


Your personalized and tailor-made Customer Feedback program

A meticulously designed customer satisfaction questionnaire gives you access to your customers’ real perception of your company’s offer and services, but above all of the experience they have had with your brand and your teams.

Customer Satisfaction Score
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Customer Effort Score
Verbatims and impressions

We measure your CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), an indicator of overall satisfaction with a product or service, which is then broken down by criteria.

Our analyses help you understand the real reasons for your customers’ dissatisfaction, detect best practices from your network, evaluate the issues of concern to customers, and ultimately guide your strategy.


Identify your CX


Thanks to the customer satisfaction barometer, the feelings and impressions of your customers are finally quantifiable and actionable. Your customers’ answers allow you to draw up an inventory of your best practices and improvement levers for each of your distribution channels.

Our teams of customer experience experts provide sound advice for your strategic and operational action plans, ensuring that you act on the real sources of improvement in your customer satisfaction!

Our Support

Our support as a customer
experience expert

As CX experts, we support you in the implementation of your hot and cold customer feedback program. We analyze the key moments of the customer journey where to collect customer feedback and define with you the indicators to use, the questions to ask, the appropriate communication channels as well as the right time to do it. From the writing of the customer satisfaction questionnaire to the conduct of the interviews and the analysis of the results, our team puts its 360° expertise of the customer experience at your service.

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