Team Feedback

Our CX expertise at the service of your employees’ satisfaction and commitment

As a specialist in customer experience and satisfaction, our institute extends its field of action to all the stakeholders of your company, not including your employees.

PRESENCE philosophy places employee satisfaction at the heart of the strategic axes for the development and success of a company. Indeed, the quality of the relationship between your company and your customers is symmetrical to the quality of the relationship between your company and all your employees.


Increasing attention to
the well-being of employees
at work


A survey on your employees’ satisfaction at work is essential today in a context of profound transformation of work habits and a growing attention to well-being at work from your employees.

The study of your employee satisfaction questionnaires allows you to highlight the high points of your employees’ lives as well as the gaps to be filled in your employee experience.

By highlighting competitive advantages, internal best practices, and areas for improvement, our Team Feedback solution helps you to continuously improve your processes.


Our institute puts its know-how and innovative methodology at the service of your employer brand by helping you to measure your employees’ satisfaction and analyze employee satisfaction questionnaires in order to improve your employee experience.

Team Feedback: complementary approaches to measure your employees’ satisfaction


Our teams support you in conducting employee satisfaction surveys at work.

We measure your employees’ satisfaction through the development and deployment of an employee satisfaction questionnaire tailored to your network.


our approach


The Team Feedback solution allows you to carry out a satisfaction survey of your employees thanks to 3 approaches that can be used in a complementary way:

      • The employee satisfaction survey on their experience within your company
      • The mirror survey which allows you to understand customer satisfaction as perceived by your internal employees
      • Measuring the support and commitment of your employees following the implementation of new customer processes and projects orchestrated by your head office (quality, safety, etc.)



Enhancing employee commitment to improve
sales performance


Considering the satisfaction of your employees is essential to ensure the commitment and efficiency of your employees.

The Team Feedback solution encourages you to listen to your employees and, by ensuring their commitment and trust in your company, starts a virtuous circle for the benefit of your end customer and your sales performance.

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Our support as a
customer experience expert

Our Team Feedback solution is part of a continuous improvement process of your employee and customer experience. Our teams accompany you step by step in the elaboration of your satisfaction questionnaires, in the deployment of these surveys, but also in the analysis of the results and the establishment of action plans.

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