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Customer experience (CX) trends in the public sector & services industry


Overview of a transformation in the public & service sector

  • In our service economy, the transportation and mobility market continues to occupy a special place. Passenger rail transport and intra-urban mobility networks are affected by profound changes made necessary by renewed competition. This competition has arisen both from the opening up of international markets and from changes in our mobility habits (carpooling between individuals, bicycles, scooters offered for free access, etc.). The health crisis and the introduction of telecommuting have changed the way we travel, creating a new map for the future of transportation services.
  • In addition to these structural changes, there is the need to win back a public that is tired of the social movements, delays and breakdowns that have negatively impacted the image of the main brands. Despite these challenges, optimism is the order of the day as the use of public transport and railways is both an economical and ecological solution to our travel needs. Improved service quality, punctuality and the digitalization of the customer experience are certainly the foundations of success for transporters.
  • Other service providers, both B2C and B2B, are experiencing similar changes. Social or private real estate, leisure, telecom or media: understanding new customer expectations as well as the experiential competitive advantages of alternative offers are essential.

PRESENCE‘s CX approach, a must for
for service brands

This redesigned competitive landscape makes it necessary to understand the factors that drive customer and user choices. Improving the customer experience requires the deployment of renewed offers that correspond to actual market habits, the optimization of service quality and the addition of additional services that reinforce customer satisfaction.


Our agency specializing in customer experience offers to conduct a CX diagnosis of your brand. Identifying best practices and bottlenecks in your network, the impact of your processes on customer experience and customer satisfaction analysis for each of your contact points are at the heart of our support.

Mystery eXperience customer studies or Customer Feedback customer satisfaction measurements allow us to evaluate the customer experience of the services delivered at each stage of your customer journey. PRESENCE conducts ad hoc, exploratory or barometric studies alongside service brands.

The expertise of our project managers enables our agency to work with leading brands in mobility as well as recognized players in services for professionals and individuals. This multi-sector experience feeds our collaborators to provide your teams with our 360° CX understanding.

Our solutions

Cas study: a major actor in social housing


Concerned about knowing the satisfaction of its tenants on the whole of the tenants’ journey and to set up actions according to the obtained results, we have supported this social organization for 3 years in the implementation, the field, the restitution of the results, the advices and the accompaniment on the action plans.


  • The annual global satisfaction barometer
  • Event-driven and specific surveys (following complaints, following work, new and old entrants, post-rehabilitation or major work)

These actions are appropriate and beneficial, as we have seen an increase
in the overall satisfaction rate of 6 points in 3 years.