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Customer experience (CX) trends
in the hotel and restaurant industry


Changes in the hotel and restaurant sector


  • Highly competitive, the hotel and restaurant sector has also been hit hard by the health crisis and its restrictions. The sector has been changing for several years and has already begun to adapt to the growing demands of its customers and their new consumption habits. Among these, the explosion of take-away orders, but also of deliveries, made directly or through third-party platforms, stands out. The last few months have exacerbated the gap between the most resilient players and those who are slow to transform.
  • Fast-food restaurants and restaurants offering table service are faced with a highly volatile customer base. In addition, the low barriers to entry in the sector allow many young and innovative players to try their luck at renewing the panorama of the sector.
  • From the search and reservation of an establishment or the choice of menu to the order and its delivery through the evaluation of the sign: digital has definitely pushed the doors of the kitchens.

PRESENCE expertise at the service of your guests

As a customer experience specialist, PRESENCE offers its hotel and restaurant partners a customer-centric approach
for each stage of their customer relations. Hotels, fast-food establishments and traditional restaurant chains value
the omnichannel expertise of our CX research institute teams.

  • Thanks to the mystery customer surveys conducted during the Mystery eXperience, PRESENCE regularly measures the performance of your employees throughout your hotel and restaurant network. In addition to these surveys, which focus on the customer experience, we can add an operational audit carried out by our experts. The Audit eXperience is a study solution necessary to ensure the adequacy of your standards of services offered by your physical establishments. Hospitality, friendliness, and special attention are all competitive levers that are carefully analyzed in your hotels and restaurants.
  • In a context of increased digitalization, the Review Benchmark solution, consisting in the collection and analysis of the opinions shared by your customers on the Internet, is essential. Entrust the monitoring of your e-reputation and the recommendation of action plans to our CX agency. PRESENCE ensures that your customers are not left disappointed when it comes to customer experience and satisfaction.
  • As a sector where human relations are at the heart of attention, the hotel and restaurant industry corresponds to the spirit of our institute. PRESENCE provides you with the passionate expertise of its specialist customer experience teams to provide you with appropriate recommendations. You will also benefit from the Dynamic Report and the Genius action plan, intuitive and customizable management tools that will ensure that your CX indicators are understood and that your action plans are adopted globally, from your management teams to your front-of-house staff.
Our solutions

Case study: a major player in the restaurant industry

A well-known fast-food chain has understood for several years the interest of piloting all its Customer Experience indicators and numerous internal KPIs on the same Dynamic Report platform available to managers in its integrated and franchised restaurants.

  • MYSTERY EXPERIENCE monthly indicators for an objective and impartial view of the service,
    • NPS CUSTOMER FEEDBACK indicators reflecting real-time customer satisfaction in restaurants,
    • Results of internal and external audits of business processes,
    • Steering of corrective action plans by local management and the company.

On a regular basis, the Operational Excellence department of the chain exchanges with PRESENCE
experts to improve and complete the 360° management of the Customer Experience and to animate it in the network.