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Customer experience (CX) trends in the beauty & health industry

Highly competitive sectors in full mutation

In salons, in stores and now on the Internet, beauty and health companies are facing more and more demanding requests from their customers. The change in consumer habits, whether to obtain health advice or to buy beauty and care products, requires rethinking the physical and digital customer experience.

  • The sensory approach (crucial for skincare, perfume and make-up) and the desire to benefit from tailored professional advice (for all the fields concerned: hairdressing, optics, dentistry, aesthetics, parapharmacy and pharmacy) are leading brands to offer more and more in-store experiences. A memorable customer experience is becoming synonymous with emotions.
  • For others, more and more of them, the purchase is done online with the benefits of e-commerce orders or services such as click & collect. Free returns and trials at home and 100% online appointments have definitely changed the sector’s codes. For the optical, audio or medical sectors, offering an online consultation service has become a must.
  • If health is now well and truly back at the center of societal concerns, the health crisis, the successive confinements and the implementation of teleworking have weakened the beauty sector. Cosmetic products sales have been strongly impacted. In addition to the necessary resilience and inventiveness of beauty actors, there is the need to convert and build loyalty with an audience exposed to more and more singular and therefore differentiating propositions.

Entrust your customer experience and satisfaction
to the care of a CX expert

Beauty brands, national chains of hair salons, networks of health professionals: PRESENCE has become
a trusted ally for many health and beauty industry brands.

Hairstylist trimming hair of the customer in a beauty salon

Our omnichannel approach allows our CX teams to evaluate the customer experience on your network in an experiential and emotional way, beyond the only standards of your market. This is the case with our Mystery eXperience solution, which combines a neutral and objective evaluation grid with an open field to collect the impressions felt. The same is true for our Customer Feedback solution, which measures your customers’ opinions, either on the spot or not.

Our customer centric approach allows us to accompany you in reviewing each point of contact your brand has with its audience. Physical network, website, social networks, customer service and online customer reviews allow us to ensure the omnichannel monitoring of your customer experience and the measurement of your e-reputation through the Review Benchmark.

Health and beauty are sectors where regulations are omnipresent. Our Audit eXperience solution puts the expertise of our professional network at the service of your operational audits.

Our solutions


Each PRESENCE study allows you to collect valuable measurements on the customer experience and satisfaction, but also to share these KPIs and customer feedback with your teams. Animating your results collectively and creating a climate of emulation in a collaborative progress dynamic is a know-how emblematic of the spirit of our CX research institute. 

Case study: a major player in
the health sector

We have been supporting a network of optical and hearing stores for 6 years. Initially set up as part of the preparation for the certification of the points of sale, the collaboration with PRESENCE quickly extended to different methodologies: mystery visits, satisfaction surveys, internal audits.

The particularity of our mystery shopper program lies in the difficulty of finding interviewers who are close to their customers/patients. We challenge our internal teams on a daily basis to update our pool of professional investigators in this sector.

PRESENCE now provides a Customer Experience platform that brings together several KPIs and enables teams to drive operational excellence.

Our mystery visit program, combined with the satisfaction surveys we conduct, have enabled us to highlight the importance of adapting the reception and leave-taking processes according to the customer profile (profile under 40 years old versus seniors).