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Customer Experience at the heart of PRESENCE expertise  

For nearly 50 years, PRESENCE has been the marketing research institute with expertise in measuring and facilitating the customer experience (CX) within networks. With a 360° approach, we support large multi-sector brands in their evaluation, diagnosis and decision making process in order to improve and perfect their customer experience and satisfaction.

PRESENCE, the CX partner that aims for excellence

We accompany the most demanding companies on a daily basis. With professionalism and empathy, our employees put their attention to detail and versatility to serve your brand and its success.

It is this spirit that gives our agency its manifest reputation and makes PRESENCE the essential ally for companies looking for a partner that places people at the heart of their strategy.

our support

A shared vision of
excellence in customer relations

at the foundation of our 3 entities

Founded in 1975, the French group TOPO Research is the reference expert in marketing research. TOPO Research offers you a global approach of your marketing and CX studies thanks to complementary expertises by our three entities.



PRESENCE research agency dedicates its know-how to measuring and optimizing your customer experience, from your points of sale to your head office. From conducting Mystery Shopping programs and customer or employee satisfaction surveys to deploying compliance audits and online customer opinion surveys, PRESENCE guides you towards excellence at every stage of your customer journey.


The expertise of these three entities makes our group a leader in qualitative and quantitative marketing research. Our innovative tools and the skills of our teams guide you step by step in the understanding your Customer Experience ecosystem and in the evaluation of your teams. The excellence of your customer relationship is the result of the combination of these expertises covering every aspect of the customer experience.