PRESENCE, your 360° customer experience research institute

Our marketing research institute, expert in the measurement and animation of the customer experience within networks, accompanies you in your evaluation and diagnostic process and in your decision-making to improve the experience and satisfaction of your customers.

Multi-methodology combination to address your customer experience

Our wide range of innovative and complementary services and methodologies are adapted to each stage of your customer journey to measure your customer experience (CX) and distinguish you on your market.


Mystery eXperience
Review Benchmark
Customer Feedback
Team Feedback
Audit eXperience

Accompanying your
your teams towards excellence

PRESENCE is the customer experience (CX) institute that offers you comprehensive marketing support.

With our innovative methodologies and our expert customer experience teams, we can help you evaluate and diagnose your performance and implement operational action plans throughout your network.

To help your teams progress, we extend our support by giving you the keys to your CX performance using innovative tools.

Dynamic Report

Lead your teams and identify your areas for improvement

Get instant access to the essential KPIs concerning your customers’ satisfaction and experience. Whether you have a regional, national or international network, our intuitive and educational management tools give you access to the results and verbatims of your surveys, the benchmark of your online opinions, as well as the diagnosis of your strong points and your identified areas for improvement.


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Take action and make concrete progress

The combination of quality feedback on our in-store requirements with the digital tool giving us direct feedback from the customer, allows us to challenge our teams and aim for operational excellence in all our outlets.
The CX platform, which is very easy to read, gives a 360° view of what is happening in real time in the store. The idea is to raise awareness among field staff that customer experience is something very important and that it is the brand image on a daily basis.
The audit reports are always of high quality and allow us to manage our teams with practical and factual elements. These are real assets to reach the KPIs objectives and to improve our customer service. 
I am very satisfied with the collaboration with PRESENCE and what we have been able to put in place on a daily basis. We work hand in hand to continuously improve our customer experience.

Your partner in customer experience

Experts for nearly 50 years in measuring and animating customer experience within networks, we are the CX partner of many brands. We have more than 120 active clients in various sectors and operate in nearly 100 countries around the world.

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